Chichester Kettlebell Club!

Learn and refine the art of hardstyle kettlebells! 

Forge a tight and powerful body using the ancient tool of the kettlebell. 

Any ability welcome, however please drop me a message at beforehand to give me an idea of your experience and any injury history or health conditions. 

Fantastic for fat-loss, power, strength, endurance and buns of steel.

Classes are administered by CFC Studio, please book in advance online via the button below!


  • Tuesdays @ 0830hrs
  • Saturdays @ 0900hrs


CrossFit Chichester,
Unit 3, Summersdale Retail Park
Lavant Rd,
PO19 5RD

Teaching Schedule

  12/01/1915/01/19 19/01/19
Technique The SwingThe Swing recap
The Front Squat
The Front Squat Recap
The Clean
The Workout TBC TBC TBC
  12/01/1915/01/19 19/01/19
TechniqueThe Clean Recap
The Press
The WindmillThe Windmill Recap
The Turkish Getup
The Workout TBC TBC TBC

I’m a stickler for form and great, quality coaching. That’s why I keep the numbers small (no more than 6) to give your bodies and kettlebells the respect they deserve.

My sessions always begin with a thorough joint lubrication sequence, followed by an activation circuit, relevant to whatever we’re training that day and your individual needs.

Typically, the main bulk of this session is focussed on coaching the technique of one movement using specific technical drills. Everything can be scaled up or down depending on where you’re at. That’s the beauty of low numbers and a highly qualified and experienced coach.

Each session will end with an awesome, high intensity, full body session incorporating what we have just learnt so that you get to walk away feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Well, a hot sweaty mess.