Nice to meet you!


Hi! I’m Lydia, a bog-standard, full-time human with adulting to do, just like you! I help people aged 30+ live full, active lives by moving better, feeling better and looking better.

I live in a house, not a gym, and nobody will ever come to me for hair and beauty advice.  I’m no demi-god, descended from the clouds above and I certainly couldn’t give one iota about how many likes your workout gear got you on instagram. What I am passionate about, however, is empowering people to tap into and build on their own amazing capabilities, enabling full-on, enjoyable and active lives. I’m the anti-gym trainer who has grown tired of the industry B.S and sees you as the already perfect, incredible human you are. I gain genuine joy from helping you get stronger, leaner, faster and kicking life’s ass!

my story...

Having left home at 16, I actually spent my early adulthood doing any job under the sun – care work, data entry, administration, I even worked in fast food and cafes. Some of my fancier titles were Pharmaceutical Packaging Technician (basically, I worked in a factory!) and Regulatory Affairs Coordinator for a global ethical cosmetics & toiletries company. However, never content, I studied evening courses alongside my full-time job as well as spending other evenings in my second job, inhaling the cigar smoke of the pervy old men to whom I was serving lukewarm ale. I became a Project Manager for a Digital Media company shortly before my 20th birthday.

Now don’t get me wrong, I really appreciated my work/life balance as a Project Manager. Following contracts for the NHS and a large digital marketing agency in London, I landed a sweet permanent gig in Brighton for a truly awesome digital marketing agency. I was loving life and also became an avid kickboxer. Something bothered me though, I started to realise that I didn’t actually enjoy that time between 9am & 5pm. I finally accepted that I’m not suited to a career sitting on my growing derriere and staring at a screen… so I joined the army!

Fast forward through 7 years as a Vehicle Mechanic in the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers (REME), I served in Northern Ireland and Germany and gained a wealth of experience. I like to think I really made the most of hacking life as a ‘tracksuit soldier’. I competed and did very well in athletics, hockey, boxing, Nordic skiing and also loved being a mountain bike instructor in Bavaria and a boxing coach. 

It didn’t all come easily though. Very early on, I sustained a catastrophic knee injury thanks to an illegal leg lock doing Judo that basically tore my knee apart like a chicken leg. I underwent 3 operations to reconstruct it and endured years of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. However, I painstakingly managed to gain the respect of my peers and seniors through my tenacity and commitment to always ‘prove myself good enough’. 


I became the fittest female in my regiment, yet was also told I would never walk without a limp again due to an apparently permanent fixed-flexion deformity. Two separate Medical Officers submitted paperwork to medically discharge me, but luckily, thanks to being a general good-egg, my Commanding Officers overruled and opposed the decisions. Finally, after all the athletic success against the odds, getting promoted and working in the garrison gym as a trainee PTI, I conceived my son Max, and made the decision to leave the army to be the best mum possible.

Shortly after leaving the army (whilst still breastfeeding), I took up powerlifting and 6 months later I was competing at the national championships. I value that experience for the strength foundation it gave me. But it was time to move on.

Since leaving the army, I have been helping fellow civilians aged 30+ to move better, feel better and look better and I can honestly say I am loving every second of it! It’s so satisfying helping people to nail the often-overlooked basics by simplifying the process of achieving incredible results.

Nowadays, when I’m not learning, writing, coaching, massaging or training, I’m busy single-handedly building one kickass childhood whilst recreating my own! I love spending time outdoors in nature, locomoting myself in any way possible – trail running, cycling, crawling, sprinting – anything… except I do swim like a brick and I can’t fly (yet)! I love chucking heavy things around and generally doing anything that makes my heart thud.

I get how tough modern life has made it to move well, to de-stress and to nourish ourselves. I’ve been there, whether it’s parenting, work pressures, divorce, injury or just lack of confidence. I’m right here for you to skilfully blend the science of exercise physiology with the art of coaching real-life people to reach their optimal condition

am i the trainer for you?

  • You're not offended by the odd expletive
  • The occasional random breaking into song and dance doesn't make you wince
  • You're not allergic to 'The elements'!
  • You're not afraid of addressing your weakness, stripping back to the basics, and absolutely nailing them!

my credo

Years of navigating the pitfalls of modern life, common problems, niggles, bad habits, failures and achievements have allowed me to figure out what really matters, and what really works. Once you are physically capable, a whole world opens for you and life can truly be amazing.

My mission is to empower people to become the best versions of themselves possible, within a viable, enjoyable and active lifestyle and with no compromise on health and longevity.

what qualifies me?

Here comes a load of cliches, but they’re all so true! I firmly believe that if you’re the smartest one in the room, you’re in the wrong room! I’m a lifelong student and I strive to learn from those who have walked before me. Yet, the more I learn, the more I realise I don’t know! One could also say that I may have a slightly obsessive penchant for a good book!

the most useful stuff

What influences my current training style and methods:

  • Current 1st Class BSc (Hons) student of Sports Therapy
  • Strength Matters Professional (SMP) level 1, 2018
  • Strength Matters Instructor, level 2 (SMK 2), 2017
  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS), level 2, 2016
  • Dan John's The Art of Coaching workshop, 2016
  • Strength Matters Instructor, level 1 (SMK1), 2016
  • RockTape RockBlades (IASTM), 2018
  • RockTape Movement beyond Mobility seminar (RMC level 1), 2016
  • RockTape Kinesiology Taping, 2015
  • AIQ Level 3 Certificate in Sports Massage (Soft Tissue Therapy) (QCF), 2014
and the rest...

My earlier days in the industry

  • Future Fit Suspension Exercise Trainer, 2015
  • AIQ Level 4 Exercise & Nutritional Interventions for Obesity & Diabetes, 2014
  • AIQ Level 3 Diploma in GP/Exercise Referral, 2014
  • Amateur Boxing Association (ABA) Assistant Coach, 2014
  • KBT Education Level 1 Strength & Conditioning, 2014
  • MBC UK Trail Leader TL (TTL1), 2013
  • C&G Level 3 Personal Trainer, 2013
  • AIQ Level 3 Award in Designing Pre and Post Natal Exercise Programmes, 2013
  • Premier Global Level 3 Postural Assessment & Corrective Exercise, 2013
  • C&G Level 3 Nutrition for Weight Management, 2013
  • C&G Level 3 Nutrition for Sport & Exercise, 2013
  • C&G Level 3 Torso Training & Core Stability, 2013
  • Future Fit CPD Cert. in Pre and Post Natal Nutrition, 2013
  • Future Fit CPD Cert. in Client Psychology & Motivation, 2013
  • Future Fit CPD Cert. in Circuit Training, 2012
  • AIQ Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instruction, 2012