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I help the over 30s become incredible.

how are you?

Be Confident!

Feel attractive again, move without restriction and feel comfortable in those sexy clothes!

Claim Your Health!

Train with your ultimate health & longevity in mind to keep you awesome at 80!

Recharge & Energise!

Keep up with the kids, join that sports team, go for those hikes and live!

It starts here...

You know you need to change... for good this time. But where do you start? There's too much information out there. What's right for you?

How can I help you?

1. We Assess

Let's start where you're at! Following a full lifestyle consultation, I'll run a comprehensive battery of health & fitness assessments such as: weight, body fat%, muscle mass & blood pressure, as well as mobility & movement screens and balance, strength, cardio and power assessments, where appropriate.

2. We Programme

Using my expertise and experience I'll use info from your assessments along with your SMART goals, preferences and situation to create your bespoke programme that is achievable and guaranteed to get you results! We'll regularly reassess and update your programme to stay on track and progress!

3. We do the WOrk!

Using a range of functional equipment which may include bands, kettlebells, TRX, your bodyweight and the environment, I'll coach and motivate you through our sessions using the most safe, efficient and effective modalities as part of an enjoyable workout!

4. We Integrate

I'm all about sustainable change and integrating good habits into a viable lifestyle. I'll guide you in forging long-term habits in nutrition, hydration, sleep, recovery, stress-management and any other key pieces to the puzzle that you personally need.

Don't just take my word for it!

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Book in for a low-cost no-obligation consultation. Walk away with your health assessment, including body fat %, blood pressure and metabolic age estimates, and if you don’t decide to book, no hard feelings! I’ll be glad I could be of service.

*The low-cost, pre-paid consultation fee is completely waived by taking off first month’s training fee when you sign up!